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Experience the Reef

Founded in 1958 by themed-restaurant pioneer David Tallichet, The Reef offers a unique tropical hideaway from Long Beach’s bustling city life. With its highly coveted location and unparalleled views of the Pacific coast, The Reef has been a favorite destination for locals and visitors for delicious meals, refreshing cocktails, relaxing vibes and upscale service.

The Reef got its start as a local shack where residents would come to unwind and relax. Long before the classic Long Beach landmarks like the Queen Mary and Mayan Hotel, The Reef made a name for itself as a favorite destination for locals and guests.

As more and more people came to enjoy this tropical escape, The Reef began to expand into the sprawling estate along the Long Beach waterfront that it is today. With Long Beach Harbor around the bend, The Reef developed into the ideal spot for virtually all occasions, from casual lunches, corporate dinners, weddings, business events and more.

The founder's son, John Tallichet, was born in Long Beach and began his management career at The Reef. Family-owned to this day, The Reef holds a special place in the hearts of the Tallichet family.